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Elsa Valle
Salsa Y Picante
Format: CD
Date of release: 2007-09-21

In the winter of 2006 three musicians (Omar Rodriguez Calvo – bass player, Ramon Valle- pianist and Nils Fisher –percussionist) from three different corners of the world arrive to Budapest to record the singer and composer, Elsa Valle’s newest album titled ‘Salsa y Picante’ with two great Hungarian musicians (Bálint Petz – electric and acoustic guitar, Gábor Winand – flute, tenor and soprano saxophone, clarinet, vocal).

While the city slept in quiescence Tom-Tom Studio was already alive with the vibrant chords of salsa music. Salsa y Picante is a very unique, eventful album, where the composer Elsa amused at blending her very peculiar flavor with different streams of Cuban music and jazz, with a fantastic result due to her outstanding creativity she already had proven on her previous albums. ‘Salsa y Picante’ is a beautiful example of that musical fusion where two potential styles unite creating an exceptional issue.
Elsa with her friendliness vitality, spontaneity and her fantastic power of presentation makes the spectator love her music, her traditions and her roots in a few minutes. She has been performing on several stages and music festivals with her group Rumba Caliente.

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