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Format: CD
Date of release: 2005-11-09

After long preparatory and studio works, on 9 november the expected album of Caramel, the 24 year-old winner of the „Megastar” series, the Hungarian talent contest in 2005 was released! Calm Therapy is Caramel’s first album with his own compositions, 15 songs of which he is both the composer and the lyricist. Several renowned guest artist have taken part in the album. This record offers a wide variety of styles: although the main trend is r’n’b, there are also songs in blues, jazz and pop style. 
The album represents a calm, pure style as the title suggests it; Caramel who doesn’t really like complicated things, has given us everything that can be expressed with music: his own thoughts, emotions, his relation to his carreer. 
The radio stations have been playing the first single „Várt váratlan” (Expected unexpected) from october on, and the video for this song has been on screen on the Hungarian Music Channel since october. Since the release of his first album, Caramel has won several professional awards: he was elected the performer of the year, the newfound of the year 2005, and although his record was released only in november, it was the 2nd on the annual list of sales on the chart of the Association of Hungarian Record Companies. His second video to the song „Mennem kell” (I must go) is being broadcasted in heavy rotation on the Hungarian Music Channel 2 months ago.

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Várt Váratlan
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Te Vagy az a Lány
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Mennem Kell
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Hat Év Után
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Majdnem Műszerész
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Ne Szólj
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Ugyanúgy Soul
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Egyenesen Beteges
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Millió Kérdés
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Lelkemből Szól
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Együtt Élünk
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Szállok a Dallal (Aréna Verzió)
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Szállok a Dallal (Jazz Verzió)
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