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Bartók Eszter
Format: CD
Date of release: 2006-04-10

Bartók Eszter, whose name became well-known during the 2nd series of „Megasztár”, a Hungarian television talent-contest, has released her first album on the 10th April. Eszter’s old dream has come true, that she can share her own musical world, her thoughts and emotions with us. Her composition presented during the series has enchanted the public at one sweep: her first hit, the „Elefánt dal” (Elephant song) has become a hit that everyone was crooning. Besides, she remained that natural and open-minded girl that she was at the beginning of the contest, and who has a voice that no one can misknow. With this song she has proved: one can gain the attention of people with only one guitar and an excellent voice. Now here is the sequel: the first album, on which Eszter shows herself not only as singer but as composer as well!
The musical scope of the album is rather versatile: the arrangement is based on acoustic guitar, but besides the one-guitar-style, richly instrumented pop-songs, r’n’b songs and in addition one big band swing are part of the recording. The first video to the album was made from the song „Félhomályból” (Out of dusk), directed by an American team. This video has reached heavy rotation on Hungarian video and radio charts as well. After the success of the first video song, Eszter decided to make a video to a duet song called „Elég ha érzed” (It’s enough if you feel it). Her partner in this song is her boyfriend who is one of the most popular singers in Hungary. Eszter is on tour in Hungary with her first album material since the summer.

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