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Fusio Group
Format: CD
Date of release: 2007-06-12

Fusio Group’s fourth record contains all Peter Szendõfi’s newest compositions, which never recorded before. The electronic sound and sequencer programs are typically recurring in some of the songs, just like on every previous album. However this sound is not as emphatic as it was earlier, some special sound still add a bit of spice to the music. Each song has its own unique character, but the album still has a unified sound and style.
Some interesting facts about the recording:
As Peter is looking back to the time of recording, he fondly remembers the great time they had. Although they all had to fight with the flu, they still had enough energy to be silly. For example the short sentence at the end of the third track “Pros & Cons” on Yoda’s voice is really that of the bass player Tamas Barabas. He played something for the ending which did not exactly harmonize with the song and said: “Just an idea, you can cut it out!” After some great tunes they gobbled up a few pizzas at the studio as musicians always do at recording.
The photo on the CD-cover is a man-sized iron statue that was handcrafted by Peter’s father. The iron drummer with the funny hair-dude is stiff and at the same time a real dynamic stickman, this became the motto of the record.
We can state the ‘Stickman’ is the most diverse and mature album of Fusio Group, which was recorded, over ten years. The musicians took a newer step ahead in forming their unique sound and style.
The band has started their tour around the country and perform the songs on several jazz and music festivals.
The band:
István Elek: soprano & tenor saxophone
János Kormos: guitar
Áron Romhányi: keyboards
Tamás Barabás: bass
Péter Szendõfi: drums

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