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Nikola Parov
Naplegenda (Új)
Format: CD
Date of release: 2006-02-23

With the Sunlegend dance theatre production the creators have brought a brand new and unique visual and soundinge into the world of Hungarian and foreign dance theatre
Sunlegend is a fresh, creative performance reflecting XXIst century’s demands, representing the cult of the Sun, its role in our lives, the relationship between its orbit and the way and turns of human life with unique means of art. The choreographer, Gábor Mihályi has allied and staged the most dynamic and whirling motifs of Hungarian folk dance with the contribution of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble and his work has been honoured with the „Creator of the Year” award in 2000 founded by the Association of Hungarian Dance Artists.
The composer of the production Nikola Parov has been playing worldwide as a soloist of the Riverdance Orchestra. By composing Sunlegend, he has created a new, original musical world, where the sounding of saxophone, drums, brass and violin form real harmony. This compostiton is a fascinating mixture of dynamics, tradition and misticism, created in folk and world music style.

The performance which has been played only among theatrical circumstances before is being presented on outdoor stages as well since 2001 using world-standard view-, sounding- and light technology. The message of the play is brought nearer to the audience by the high standard chiselled scenery and graphics by Géza Barcsik. The joint purpose of the creators is to introduce the performance to a wider public and to come by a worthy reputation throughout Europe.

The music of Sunlegend which contains all songs of the performance was released by Tom-Tom Records and have been welcome ardently by disc collectors preferring folk and world-music.

„It resulted in a magical and moving musical experience, which combined with the choreography became a breathtaking spectacle of power and beauty.”– says the composer.

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