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Intim Torna Illegál / Kísérlet (Experiment)
10/25/12 11:23 AM

Intim Torna Illegal / Kiserlet (Experiment)
Release date: October 31st

The Experiment starts on the 31st of October 2012, when Intim Torna Illegál's second LP will hit the public.

The band will present their album on an open meet and greet day, where fans can get hold of signed copies of the new CD.

The popularity of the songs have already been proved at ITI's live shows, and the tunes only matured for the better in the studio.

The first single "Mennyország kapujában" (At the Gate of Heavens) debuted with great success and already gave a little taste of ITI's new sound, which definitely moved on from the first album, yet kept the upbeat energy the band is known for.

The songs again took inspiration from everyday life starting with "Nevetségesen táncolsz" (You dance so clumsily) to the consoling "Dobj egy kötelet" (Throw a rope).

"We want our music to be funny, wild, unconventional, crazy - to stir people up from the inside and the outside. Our aim is to bring party in people's life so they can release their tension and be embraced by the joy of music." /Kiss Sándor/

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